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Can we submit guest posts?

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BigTrouble Fri 25-Jul-14 12:35:37


Not sure if bloggers can help or if it requires a MNHQ answer. I was just wondering how the Guest Post blogs are set up here - whether we submit a post or idea to MN, and if so, how? Or if MN pluck published posts they like from blogs and offer to feature them as GP?

Lastly (while I'm here!), with featured blogs and blogs of the day, can I just confirm these aren't submitted for consideration to MN are they? As I understood it, MN trawl through the list of published blogs from the day and select themselves, do I have this right?

Thanks for your help smile

LucySMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 25-Jul-14 16:32:53

Hello! Lucy from Bloggers here. You're absolutely right on the blog of the day and featured blogs - but do feel free to tweet us any posts you'd particularly like us to see!

With guest posts, we tend to publish them based on what people are talking about on the threads/what's in the news - but we are always happy to hear ideas from people on the Network, so again, pop us a tweet or an email.

I'm also going to pop this thread over to Bloggers Chat, where there's plenty of people to answer any blogging-related queries you may have!

BigTrouble Fri 25-Jul-14 19:35:16

Thanks so much Lucy, all really helpful!

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