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tinymarmalade Tue 22-Jul-14 11:21:42

Hi everyone,

I’ve just joined mumsnet and this is my very first topic.

I feel a bit silly placing this question but… here I go.

I started blogging last October as part of a business project. The blog is doing well, I got more and more weekly visits. Some people write me emails with comments about the posts I publish and I’m quite happy with the overall performance of the whole thing.

However… nobody write any comment on the actual posts! Why is something I don’t know….

Any experienced blogger would be able to give me some advice?

This is the blog:

It will be really much appreciated.



TheTwistedYarn Thu 24-Jul-14 19:50:44

Do you comment on other people's blogs much? I find that there are particular people with whom I tend to interact the most, and we have ongoing chatter on the comments threads of each other's posts.

One bit of advice you'll often read is to include a question in your post that will encourage people to comment. However, I'd treat that advice with caution unless you genuinely want to know something from your readers. I often see questions that have clearly just been plonked on the end to encourage replies, and to which I suspect the writer doesn't especially care about the answers.

Do you respond when people do comment on your blog, at the very least thanking them for their comment?

Sometimes, it just takes time. Your food looks beautiful, by the way.

Best wishes,

tinymarmalade Thu 24-Jul-14 20:55:19

Hi!! Thank you very much for your comment. I answer all comments I have, and I've started to follow other bloggers and leave comments in their blogs.

As you say maybe it is a matter of time...

Thank you very much for your advice!

Your blog is fan, by the way!

tinymarmalade Thu 24-Jul-14 20:55:45

I meant fab ;)

BigTrouble Fri 25-Jul-14 07:51:25

I think leaving something at the end definitely encourages comments, even, 'I'd love to hear your thoughts on...' Or 'as the pp suggests, a related question, either gives the reader a reason to comment.

It's a lovely blog btw... I will try and comment when I get chance to read properly!

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