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Ltomkins525 Fri 18-Jul-14 08:14:03

Hello all- my little one was diagnosed with a mild case of hypospadias at birth and I'm hoping to connect with any mums who have been through the surgery with their sons and get some insight on what the experience was pre/post op.

My son's case is mild- with his urethra just below the head of the penis but I'm concerned that post surgery he will still be "different" to his peers when he's older. We will have the surgery when he is between the age of 9-12 months.

For mums that have been through this- did your son have reconstructed foreskin or was he circumsized? Were there any post surgery complications- if so, how far after were they addressed. How is your son now?

Thanks so much

stilllovingmysleep Fri 18-Jul-14 19:30:31

You don't have to do the surgery--did they tell you it's necessary? My DS also had mild hypospadias at birth & they basically said that surgery wasn't really going to make much difference & we decided not to. I'm not sure what they said would be the reason you should do it in the case of your DS? (it might be that it is necessary, in your case, I'm just wondering if you were offered different options).

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