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Pacing back and forth, withdrawn or hyper, poor ball skills and hand writing, hates loud noise

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love2mum Tue 15-Jul-14 00:04:44

I have wondered for several years now why my son's behaviour is different from other children the same age.

He was tested for Autism, ADD & ADHD but I knew he didn't have any of these. However we went through with assessments because we wanted his school to rule these out.

He also struggles with reading so, now he's old enough, I had him tested for dyslexia, privately. The assessor explained that dyslexia is the name but the important thing to establish is the root cause of his dyslexia. He could tell very quickly that my son had Primitive Reflex Retention.

That explains why he doesn't like the cinema, hand dryers, the playground, etc. Noise and light startle him, which causes mass adrenaline and thus pacing or hyper behaviour.

I have written this to try help raise awareness of PRR and dyslexia. Firstly, if your child has PRR, don't panic, there are exercises which help. You can download many of these on youtube. Secondly, there are 37 symptoms of dyslexia, reading and writing are only two of them.

It surprises me how little is known, especially by teachers in schools, because so much can be done, but only if caught early enough. So let's spread the word...

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