Help-my 3 year old has bad knees!

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j70see Sun 13-Jul-14 23:15:58

Hi all,

I am going out of my mind! My just 3 year old had been waking in the night for several months with knee pain and night sweats, I of course thought it was growing pains so didn't really do anything about it. Whilst he was at an appointment with the nurse in April, I mentioned it and she ordered some bloods. The bloods returned abnormal so we were given a GP appointment, who told us not to be concerned but he had low hb and high ferritin and that he would refer us to Orthopaedics. Literally a fortnight later, my son woke in the morning, in crippling pain and couldn't walk. He bum shuffled for most of the day so I took him to A and E. He had xrays, which we were told were normal and they repeated the bloods, which this time came back normal.
We were given an appointment for a check up in two weeks and told in the meantime to wait for the orthopaedic appointment.
Two weeks later we went back for the check up to be told there was something on the xray, so they repeated them and told us they thought they looked ok.
So we went to orthopaedics last week to be told he has a bone lesion on his femur, which is a hole! They decided to do an MRI on Friday but we are now awaiting the results, which can take up to 5 weeks.
I just cant stop worrying and trying to work out what it could possibly be?!

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j70see Sun 13-Jul-14 23:20:51

ooops wrong place to post I think!

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