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Advice needed - I cant be the only one!!!

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Scotlandmam Wed 09-Jul-14 23:39:35

thanks hope all is well with your scan.

Sinder1978 Wed 09-Jul-14 22:31:00

It was heavy but i always am due to my fibroid, very worried I will keep you posted.

Scotlandmam Wed 09-Jul-14 21:56:46

I really think the best thing is to wait for the scan. Miscarriage is a very large bleed pouring. Was it quite heavy?

Sinder1978 Wed 09-Jul-14 20:17:59


I am new to this, though over the last few weeks looking at the advice has really helped however now I really need advice and cant sleep.

Here goes, I am 31 years old and been with my partner for 14 years. We have a beautiful boy of 9 years old (Full of attitude). 4 years after having my son I started with heavy periods only to discover i had a large fibroid growing outside my womb and was placed on the marina coil. This later embedded and i needed it surgically removed.

5 years of unprotected sex on Monday 19th May 2014 I was 10 days late and discovered I was pregnant, however due to my enlarge uterus the doctor sent me to the hospital. Once seen/scanned I was told my fibroid was extremely large and blocking any view. My HCG level was 1,200.

48 hours later I returned to the hospital and had a further blood test along with a scan/internal - levels increased slightly though nothing was seen on the scan. My first pregnancy was detected at 6 weeks and all was good text book pregnancy.

I return on the Monday for a scan/blood test where they stated they thought it wasn't a viable pregnancy and they thought it was ectopic - I had meetings in work that day having an op wasn't something i considered nor loosing a tube. Within the hour of arriving to the early pregnancy clinic i was in theater expecting to loose the unexpected i now loved so much.

I woke being told that i wasn't having an ectopic pregnancy so i thought all was good, however the doctor told me to terminate or i would have a miscarry!!! Who can make sense of that? Of course if it wasn't to be nature would take its course. The same day I returned home wanting to be with my family.

The following evening i was taken back in to A&E as my finger and lips went blue. I then had a suspected clot in my lung... Blood thinners and Xrays all came with a risk of miscarriage and my health came first so i did what I was told.

Home the following day (Thursday 29th May 14) of which late in the evening I started to bleed, it was painful but only a little of what i normally deal with on a monthly basis - Clots were normal to what i normally have.

Once the bleeding stopped 3 days later, I thought i would be getting better however I continued to get very poorly and sleeping and unable to wake. This time I was admitted with suspected septicemia, very serious and very poorly. After a week in hospital with Scans, Medication I started to feel alot better.

This week is the first week were i have felt great, one thing played on my mind where was my period? No Signs of it coming so I did 6 tests including a clear blue all positive with the digital saying 3 weeks +. I called the hospital and they had me in straight away. Bloods taken and my hormone levels is 12,500, shocked scared and worried. Is this a new pregnancy or did i not miscarry??

My belly is really showing and its not gas...(I have a flat tummy normally)

I slept with my partner on the 5th June, though i thought we were being carefully.

Can anyone give me advice or has anyone had something similar happen to them?

I have a scan at 8am tomorrow, I am worried they wont see anything again because of my fibroid....

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