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2 year old with Sleep Apnoea again after having Tonsils and Adenoids out

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mummycuddles1 Wed 02-Jul-14 18:07:35

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem? My 2year old had his tonsils and adenoids removed 6 weeks ago. He got an infection post surgery and ended up on antibiotics but other than that recovery was going well. In the last week he has symptoms of his sleep apnoea back :-(
Post surgery you couldn't hear his breathing on baby monitor nor could you hear him snore through the ceiling and he slept peacefully.
This last week he has started to mouth breath again, snore loudly, restless sleep, cough when drinking, nasal speech, sweats lots when asleep, needing an afternnoon nap again, grumpy or is that just because he's two!!He isn't unwell in any other way and the symptoms aren't as severe as they were in the lead up to surgery but they are definately back. I have seen adenoids can grow back but this quickly???

mummycuddles1 Wed 02-Jul-14 18:11:06

Should add we had 5 weeks symptom free!

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