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i want to try for a baby but it doesnt seem to be the right time.

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doozeldog Mon 30-Jun-14 21:54:06

Hiya, im not a mum but would like to be.
Long story short im nearly 30 been with my hubby 8yrs We are both ready to start trying for a baby but.... we live with my mum... we cant afford to rent and buying isnt a option!!
We just dont know what to do, it could be years befor we sort our selves out financialy but im worried we might leave it too late and then have problems conciving.

Ive come on here to see what other people would do if they were in my situation. Am I being stupid and just get on with it or should I wait till we have our own home???

winnertakesitall Tue 01-Jul-14 13:55:50

Personally, and I may get flamed here... but I would wait until you have your own home. A baby makes life even more expensive. You will have to stop working and rely on statutory maternity pay for a while (or your partner), and after this runs out, you may need to stump up hefty childcare costs in order to go back to work (unless you mum or other family are happy to provide childcare). After that there is all the cost involved with the stuff children need- clothes, food, school uniforms, clubs etc.

I'd hang on until your a little more financially stable so that you can provide for yourselves and any children a little better.

Plenty of people do have to hang on til mid-thirties to do this, and round my way, you wouldn't be unique as the majority of families have 'older' parents.

I can understand your concerns though. It really is one of this six of one, half a dozen of the others dilemmas.

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