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Pregnant on Implant?

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katiefalk12 Tue 24-Jun-14 12:17:47

Is there any possible chance you can pregnant on whilst having the implant? I have on off periods that sometimes last around 2 weeks. Feeling a lot different that normal.

Many Thanks

crazykat Tue 24-Jun-14 12:36:27

No contraception is 100% so even though its only a very small chance you could be pregnant.

I'd do a test jut to put our mind at rest.

katiefalk12 Tue 24-Jun-14 16:41:21

Thank, I always feel a bit silly doing one but I guess it's best to find out

Sidge Tue 24-Jun-14 16:58:45

It's very very unlikely.

Irregular bleeding and side effects are more likely than pregnancy.

sunshineblogxo Tue 24-Jun-14 19:24:27

It is unlikely but it can happen. I got pregnant on the implant. I am now on my 2nd implant, no pregnancy yet (2 years in) I do get irregular periods and frankly the side affects are very much pregnancy symptoms but take a test to be sure smile

Asleigh23 Wed 25-Jun-14 14:17:45

hey am 24 i have the implaint in an i think i might b pregnant i am 5 days overdue could i be pregnant am kinda freaking out

bevwallace Sat 12-Jul-14 22:47:40

The implant is designed to release progesterone and its intended action is to significantly lighten and shorten periods and after a while, stop them altogether. Because it does not contain oestrogen, there is nothing within it to promote a regular cycle. NO contraception is 100% effective but its 99.6% effective. However, it does come with a side effect profile of tender breasts, headaches, spots, mood swing and weight gain (about 10lb in 3 years on average). These side effects are seen in about 5% of women. However, in the surgery where I work about 40% have the implant removed due to prolonged bleeding.

Contraception is a very individual choice but if you have concerns or questions the family planning service or your well woman trained practice nurse can help.

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