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feel like im being worked out of the buisness - about to return to work from maternity leave

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workingparentof3 Mon 23-Jun-14 16:36:21

PLEASE can someone give me advice, My maternity leave is due to end in a few weeks, My manager has told me that as I am unable to work 4 days I am to step down from my senior management position, even though the hours were ok 24, they wanted me to work them over 4 days not the 3 I am able to manage. ???? I have reluctantly agreed to step down and work the 24 hours over 3 days, now my manager has said the shifts/ times I previously worked are no longer available. so I would still have to work 4 days to cover this. It also coincides with me asking her for a reference for volunteer work I was hoping to do just a few hours a week. I feel completely undervalued and not at all looking forward to going back. I have been asked to attend a meeting next week to "hash it out" there words in the PS department. What are my rights? Do I need to take representation with me.

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Tue 24-Jun-14 04:18:17

Try posting in the employment issues topic

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