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Gift For your baby

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BabyShake Fri 20-Jun-14 06:45:46

6.3 1:00 GMT, BabyShake appeared in the AppStore. This app is what I intend my son when the first two Children's Day gifts given to him, but unfortunately did not come to the party.

This app had a very simple origins, approaching 6.1, and I was preparing holiday gifts for him, but how can not find a satisfactory. I was often buy him toys, clothes or something, a birthday gift has happened like this, so perfunctory and then go on Children's Day gift I could not pass it off myself, just want to do something meaningful to accompany his childhood.

For BabyShake itself, itself is a gift that is given to children to use. Placed on the appstore biggest purpose is and more people want to share, and then grinding together better content to help their babies. Of course if you can have a better income, if not, it does not matter. Whatever, there is nothing more important than their children happy.

When my baby played BabyShake, so I am happy to have a few things:

1, every time he can play up to 10 minutes, then forced me to rush back to let him play, because you want to protect his eyes. I did not expect such an app could keep him so much interest, which is to give him a gift, he really likes me so sincerely happy.

2, while he was playing next to him when I also have read the corresponding animal's name, and now he learned the dog, cat, quack these words, this app is just for entertainment, I do not regard him as a teach children to look at, not to mention he was 14 months. But if they can be worth a few words is also a very happy thing.

3, there are times to take him to the mall to buy shoes, he would not try, so the clerk took a ball to play with him, with predictable results when we take the time that he should take the ball away, and cried to refuse shout Look, I also try holding the mentality to give him open BabyShake, he took the phone and turned the ball further back. I do not know distract his attention is right or wrong, but sometimes the result is indeed moving in the direction we expect to go.

For the future, nothing like their children to grow up perfectly healthy happy happy most important, so I'm sure everything will be built on BabyShake of this on development.

You could search "BabyShake" in App Store

BabyShake Fri 20-Jun-14 07:05:26

I'm chinese,My English is generally.I came here to listen to some advice for my app.I like this sentence with "By Parents for parents".If some of the statements hard to understand,please post message,I will do my best to explain. thx!

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