Nursery complaint

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Cathymon Tue 17-Jun-14 21:52:59

Nursery where exceptionally reasuring really - an addressed my concerns obviously he shouldn't have had access to an outside door which will be dealt with. However we have no proof on my side nor there's that he was outside for a period of time etc.
glad I raised the concern and the issue will be addressed, if it stops this type of incident reoccurring then at least that's a start!

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AuditAngel Tue 17-Jun-14 21:42:09

How did it go?

Cathymon Mon 16-Jun-14 22:01:59

Thanks I'm going to speak to management tomorrow, its playing on my mind how long he was outside for. Not to mention the safeguarding issues! I'm usually very accepting that things can happen, but this has made me so angry!

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AuditAngel Mon 16-Jun-14 21:52:55

Always talk to your nursery and give them an opportunity to deal with your complaint.

Then, if you are not satisfied, approach Ofsted.

Cathymon Mon 16-Jun-14 21:43:26

Not sure if I'm doing this right first time with a question!

Sorry if its long winded.... My son has recently moved from the baby class to toddlers he's been in the nursery for well over a year. Last week a nursery nurse said there had been an incident where my son had managed to open the external door as the alarm was broken and let himself and a few children into the communal play area, however this was picked up very quickly. I accepted this explanation initially and assumed the problem would be fixed - no harm done!
Yesterday I was talking to another parent who's child attends the same nursery but in another class and she said I heard your little one was good at opening doors, it was my little girl who alerted the nursery nurse your son was outside playing on his own she was watching from the class opposite. I can't tell you how upset and let down I am in the nursery. I am mortified my child was outside on his own for however an amount of time and the staff have lied to me about it, and not even realised he was gone! I have to accept the other parents version of events as truth as I reasonably cannot see how she would have known about the incident in any way. The point of this is where do I go from here? Is it acceptable to ask for CCTV footage, a full report or should I log it as a child protection issue with ofstead? Any help is appreciated!

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