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Shape of tongue after tongue tie division

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Appletulip Sat 14-Jun-14 10:33:42


My ds had upper lip and posterior tongue tie removed last monday. I did not notice any improvement and went back 4 days later to find out that posterior tongue tie was not removed completely. The doctor did it again there and then and assured me that it was done. I felt an improvement in the latch, but coming home i still feel my son chomping on my nipple and he is actually sucking less with the new technique. I wonder if his ptt was not removed completely again as my nipple come out in lipstick shape, his tongue shape still looks straight instead of round(although less severe as before), and he cant stick his tongue out beyond his lips.
What were your experiences? Did your child stick out his tongue a lot further after op? Did his tongue shape change?
I did an operation in royal free with helen caulfield who is supposed to be one of the best specialists. Do you know of anyone else who specialises in difficult cases?
Desperately waiting for the feedback. Thanks in advance

Appletulip Sun 15-Jun-14 18:56:54

Hello. Anyone with this experience?

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