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DH Italian Jekl and Hyde

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Kazanova Thu 05-Jun-14 21:35:15

I have been married 15 years with 2 kids. I had a very good job. When my DD was born he was a house husband till she was 2, its was great life. When Our DS came along I gave up work 10 months after going back as I was not seeing the kids, so he became the bread winner. He worked very long hours (too long which I did appreciate). I used to have a glass of wine on the day that there was no kids activities and I did not have to drive anywhere the next day. Then DH hours got longer and you could see he was not coping. He had 2 mobiles which he said one was for work and other him, laptop, (which he took out of my sight), Always moaning he was tired. We never saw him (even when here) His personality got worse, slating us all the time, never good enough but to the outside world he was lovely as he always wanted to please others and they think hes the greatest family man ever, little did they know what he was like in doors. I then started to have a glass of wine maybe 2 times a week, as the kids activities got less. But after a while he was coming in saying your an alcoholic. This would just cause a row. We all tried to say im not but he was not having it. Hes saying I need help and that hurts,frustrating and dont know how to make him see. When I try to talk to him about feelings he says its my problem if I cant control my feelings. Hes never been kissy huggy. I dont go out with friends anymore, my only treat is a glass of wine now and again. His personality has change so much that last year he was grooming himself, confidence through the roof. It was not him anymore. He has done some really stupid things too that emotional Im too scared to divorce him over as you never know what hes going to do next. How do you get out of a relationship when someone emotionally bullies you

Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople Fri 06-Jun-14 16:28:13

Try posting on the Relationships board

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