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Isafe stroller

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Kaymiley Sun 25-May-14 23:21:12

Can anyone recommend a stroller to use abroad? I am not very keen on the fact this is for an iPad but like the thought that my 7 month old baby will be in the shade when needed. The hood comes right over and there r also panels on the side. Is there any others out there like this?

trumpfamily Mon 26-May-14 19:28:54

When you are travelling with a buggy you need it to be lightweight, you can get special bags to put the umbrella style buggies inside so that they don't get too dirty and battered in transit when stored in the hold. You'll need a buggy that reclines sufficiently for the child to sleep whilst you dine in the evenings and that a light reflective parasol can be attached to. If you can get one with a vent to the rear for ventilation then that would be a good option too. I wouldn't spend a huge amount of money as it will be wrecked as you'll probably use it as a highchair on occasions and when you drag it across the beach the sand gets everywhere and no matter how much you clean it the buggy still feels grubby.

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