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Endoftether1 Thu 22-May-14 19:11:08

My DD signed up for a World Challenge to Venezuela, a trip of a lifetime which entailed a trek through the jungle and stay with a remote tribe, helping with crops, building and generally fending for themselves. Because of the political issues, World Challenge have now changed the trip to South Africa (pony trekking) which constitutes a Major Change and increased the dates from 3 to 4 weeks which means she wouldn't be able to attend a family wedding.
Because of this change, she would like to cancel. She has paid in £1500 already from fundraising and from her own earnings in a cafe.
They are refusing any sort of refund as we haven't given them enough notice (she cancelled a week after the major change was announced).
We are now out of pocket, friends and family have lost out as they gave the money in good faith that it was for her own challenge and to benefit a poor community.
Any advise from parents who have been in a similar position? Please don't sign up for World Challenge unless you are prepared to lose ££.
They are a private company affiliated to a travel agent. Not a charity as I thought.

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