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wellington10 Thu 22-May-14 10:36:27

Trying to work out how to vote today
The only thing that as woken me up politically over the last year is fracking, which could undoubtedly be bad for children's health. I'm shocked to realise that there is only one party actually standing up against this and that's the Greens!

SalisburyMummy Thu 22-May-14 14:11:48

I'm voting green for the very same reason. I find it hard to believe all the main parties are for it when it has been associated with increased risk of congenital heart defects in babies! Not to mention the carcinogenic air emissions.

tinalouiseuk Thu 22-May-14 15:50:52

Agree re voting green to ensure opposition to unconventional energy techniques like fracking that put air and water at risk and affect communities. Once I realised the Green Party were opposing fracking I read up on the rest of their policies too and was so relieved and surprised to find they were in total alignment with my hopes... on everything from sorting out the financial sector to free education smile

wellington10 Thu 22-May-14 20:15:20

I must admit it's also taken me this long to actually read up on the rest of their policies, I wasn't disappointed either. In the conservative frack-risk area I live in there are quite a few disillusioned conservatives. I hope the Greens pick up the vote, after all with proportional representation this is going to be their best chance. I also hope it sends a message back to the government that we are concerned about fracking, it's health impacts and its implications for climate change.

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