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Contempt from my 11 year old daughter

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Ruimon123 Tue 06-May-14 15:46:44

This is tough really. I need advice. I am very worried. I thought I have been a very good father, but recently my daughter who I love dearly has been pretty rude towards me and i really Don,t understand why? basically she has started to question every single request put to with Why? I don,t want too, I don,t care, you don,t understand me and being very critical of my own persona. The other evening we were sat at the table talking and she told me that I was really boring. I was really upset. On another occasion she became so upset with a minor issue that she pulled some of her hair out. I have tried to engage my wife over our daughters behaviour and she is of the opinion that a. Tis is normal for a girl of this age and B. that I am over reacting. I would really love some input from other parents.

threedeer Tue 06-May-14 19:12:06

You are not over reacting. But it is normal. Just because they all do it doesn't mean it should go unchallenged. I pick my kids up on that sort of thing very quickly and very hard.

Try getting her own her own one day, for a walk or a drive and just tell her how upsetting it is and how much better a person you know she can be. Make sure she knows there is no justification for it. Ask questions about why she does it and don't let go until she has answered them.

Don't ever let that behaviour pass while you are doing a favour to her. If she is rude on the way to a dance class or similar, stop the car, turn round, drive home, say this is more important and needs to be dealt with right now. She needs to be accountable for her behaviour. We all do. And eleven isn't too young to start.

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