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Moving to Surrey

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lulibelle2 Wed 14-May-14 10:19:28

ahhh, a subject close to my heart!
My husband and I moved to Weybridge from Wandsworth 2.5 years ago and we love it! Its a great first step away from the bustle of London and still has a real London feel to it in many ways (and very easy to pop in and out to see friends).
In terms of areas, we were looking all around Elmbridge and it just happened that we found our perfect property in Weybridge.... Now that I know the area better my thoughts are; Esher - as above - very busy highstreet and doesn't have a relaxed feel to it.... the traffic can be hell - I wouldn't even consider popping over there in rush hour. Cobham is very lovely - out of the 3 of them (Weybridge/Esher/Cobham) I'd say it has the most villagey feel to it (I don't think the train connection is as good however). Weybridge is great - definitely has the best restaurants out of the 3 of them (more independents than the others).... Queens Road is much prettier by way of high street. Also Oatlands is in between Weybridge and Walton - can be a bit no mans land though but some lovely houses and the back roads are really tranquil - easy access to Walton station. I think a 1.2 budget is good - it will get you a 4 bed... poss 5 if you look in Walton / Hersham areas.

In terms of Schools, I can only speak for Weybridge but I don't yet know a great deal about them as our Baby is only 1! However, the chatter goes (and speaking to my neighbours who have children the same age as yours) - you buy in Walton to get a slightly less expensive house and send your kids to Private School or you buy in Weybridge and send them to the State Schools as they are so fantastic. Look into Cleaves and Heathside (and possibly St James for the younger)... they are the ones everyone clamours to get their kids into to save on Private fees. Lots of good privates around also - St Georges and Feltonfleet off the top of my head.

I really like the area and can highly recommend it - you will pay more to live in Esher as its that much closer to London..... Have you considered Guildford / Godalming too - great commutes also - My hubby has to be at work at 7am and unfortunately the train lines don't work for us BUT if you are more flexible its not that much further time wise.

Hope that's useful and Good Luck!

trisca Sun 11-May-14 10:01:41

Hi! I live in Surrey, in Elmbridge (in Hersham.) Esher is lovely and leafy but I personally don't love the high street because it is too wide and doesn't have many shop shops. It does have loads of good restaurants and a cinema.

However the big issue with Esher for me is the traffic (and the annoying one way system.) The lights can make getting through Esher very slow (when coming from my direction it can back up all the way down Lammas lane and over the bridge - this happened to me on Thursday.) And if Sandown is having an event it's even worse.

The other issue with Esher might be the cost of houses. Have you had a look at what you can get in your budget? I suspect you could get more for your money in other parts of Elmbridge (definitely Walton and Claygate, but also possibly Weybridge.) The problem with Esher is all the houses seem to be big so they all come with big price tags. Whereas other towns have more of a range of houses.

Sorry, I can't comment on the primary schools in Esher. The secondary school, Esher High, has a good reputation. I have a few friends with kids their and they are happy, however I have another friend who had to take her daughter out because she was being bullied.

Good luck!

wimbledongal Sun 27-Apr-14 11:11:47

I have two daughters; one is 9 and the other 13. My older daughter goes to Tiffin Girls' and we are currently living in Wimbledon. However we are thinking of moving to Surrey and we like Esher. The commute for me, my husband and my older daughter is great. What is Esher like? Any good primary schools in Esher? Our budget is £1.2m so finding a houses isn't a problem. Please reply as soon as you can, thank you x smile

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