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Work and live in chichester

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Daniela87 Wed 23-Apr-14 09:19:19

Next month i will move in chichester and i will work there ,i need to know how is life there?the rent is expensive?the bil?food?

Rokenswife Wed 23-Apr-14 11:47:03

Hi! I live in a village just outside of Chichester. Chichester and the surrounding area is beautiful. The rent here is fairly pricey - we pay £800 a month for a 3 bed terrace but it's more expensive in Chichester itself. The cheaper rent is going to be in Bognor and littlehampton but you pay for what you get and I really wouldn't want to live in either of those places if I'm honest. Food wise - well there are the big supermarkets and they are reasonable. X

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