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help with primary schools

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DaddyDanny Wed 16-Apr-14 21:19:43

hello! im new to this so please bear with me!!

I have recently got my results for my daughters primary school place. It came back saying NONE of my chosen 5 LOCAL schools have accepted her, including the one she is already at the nursery of, which was my first choice! all 5 schools were within a 1.1 mile radius, with 3 of them being just over 0.5miles away. So they allocated me a school which is 4.1 miles away and a 50 minute uphill walk, when i clearly stated i have no car and a baby to take on school runs to. The school has an inadequate Ofsted rating (4) and is under special measures! I feel sick to my stomach with worry. There are people on my street that have chlderen in the school choices i asked for! All the schools were in my area and apparently there was not even 1 place for her within any of these 5!....I'm going to appeal anyway, but i am worried as they have already advised it most likely wont be successful. Can anyone help me with what will make my appealing process stronger? Also i have put her on the waiting list for all 5 schools but again they said its very unlikely. Also can i go direct to other schools to apply?

rowna Thu 17-Apr-14 14:26:40

Try posting in the primary education section (talk/education/primary education). There is a lot of advice being given there currently to people with this problem.

LIZS Thu 17-Apr-14 14:34:42

Sorry but logistical issues and the allocated school being "inadequate" won't be sufficient grounds. If the schools are full and waiting list looks unlikely then you need to demonstrate that the process has not been followed correctly and your dd denied a place unfairly. In another year demand for local places may not have been so high, or they have older siblings so get priority. Perhaps new housing has been built for families nearer some of these schools. Your allocation letter should give information as to why your application was unsuccessful.

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