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Light Brown spotting PCOS or not??

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Hfigx Tue 15-Apr-14 11:48:28

Hi, sorry if i posted this on the wrong thread.
ive recently been diagnosed with cysts on my ovaries but havnt got the syndrome.
Ive Been TTC #1 for 2 Years now and still no look,
Anyway my last period started 4th Feb 2014 ended 09th Feb,
ive had no period since? Ive had the usual sore boobs 2 weeks ago, the horrible back ache at night so hoping my period would come pretty soon as i go on holiday on monday for the week.
Sunday came And after i wiped there was a very light brownish discharge.
a few hours later, it was gone.
Today i checked my self and again brown discharge... but nothing again after an hour?
Does anyone know what the heck is going on with my body?
Took a pregnancy test 3 weeks ago, Negative.
Is this my body trying to come on my period ? or is something really wrong here.
The Discharge isnt enough for a panty liner, only when i wipe. sometimes its brown sometimes no discharge at all.

i just want to see your views on what this could be because im stressing myself out sad

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