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Speech and Language Therapy in Aberdeen

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Magnoliahaze Sat 12-Apr-14 08:10:39

Hi, can any one help? Our DS is 4yrs old, he has been assessed by NHS Speech and Language Therapist who said his understanding and use of language are age appropriate but he has phonological disorder. I understand most of what he says but nursery and others including family members don't understand him. We've been told that he'll have to wait for months for therapy to help. I'm worried about him going to school and not making friends or his teacher not realising that he's a bright boy because she can't understand him and of course learning to read and write is going to be tricky for him. Has anyone used a private speech therapist in Aberdeen? How much did it cost? Did it make a difference? Thanks

sittinginsilence Thu 24-Apr-14 10:35:08

Hi - I'll send you a pm of who we use smile

ganua Tue 10-Jul-18 10:46:58

Hi , I am in a similar boat but with a slightly younger child. Can you please share any recommendations with me too?

Kim153 Tue 16-Apr-19 11:22:55

I know this thread is quite old but I’m looking for a private speech therapist in ABERDEEN to help my little boy so any recommendations would be great. Thank you

MoleSmokes Mon 02-Sep-19 01:36:12

Have you tried searching the Association for Speech & Language Therapists in Independent Practice?

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