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credit check for letting agents

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clairehills Mon 07-Apr-14 20:14:56

Hi, my partner and I are looking to rent a property shortly. I am aware that estate agents run credit checks and was wondering if anyone knows about the information that they have access to. I have an excellent credit score -999, no CCjs,late payments etc but i do have quite a lot of credit card debt and was wondering if this would go against me. I have read that they do not have access to how much debt you have in terms of what is on your credit cards and that it is more about bankruptcy and CCjs but if someone could provide any information on this it would be really helpful.


BrewsterBabies Tue 08-Apr-14 20:22:51

hi there
The estate agents only check your credit just to make sure you pay your bills on time thats all they are intrested in they dont check how much you owe on cards ect so dont worry
Its just so they know they are getting a good tennant IN .Ithink if there was a problem on any credit check they will ask that person to have a guarantur so the can recover any outstanding rent from that other person

hope that helps smile

YoungBodyOldHead Tue 08-Apr-14 20:29:36


They wont know how much you owe on credit cards..


They knew exactly how much debt dh is in with the tax man which he has a CCJ for.

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