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Relocating to Falmouth and need help/advice :)

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em83em83 Mon 24-Mar-14 14:09:34

HI, i'm new here, never posted anything before but after reading some of the really helpful replies thought i would give it a go, We live in Redditch and have done all my life we go to Falmouth/ Cornwall on holiday but after being very depressed last year after coming home thought why not move?!? my son is 4 and starts school Sept, I've had a sort of mid life crisis i think with where i live as in there is nothing here and the crime/ violence level is raising and it's just not a nice place, kids seem to be older before their time, i don't want my son to be like that time goes so quick and want him to be a kid for as long as he can. Soooo said to my partner lets do it, we only rent so no house ties, yes we will miss family but life's too short. As my sons b'day is end of Sept he doesn't legally have to be in school till Jan i have checked with school admissions, so were looking to be there Dec prob late Dec for him to start school the first week in Jan, i have been looking at St Mary's/Marlborough/St Francis, we need to find a property to rent also but obviously is a bit too soon yet to look. We are going on holiday 13/6 for two weeks so are going to visit schools and look around the area's for properties etc. If anyone know's of any properties from friends or family that will be available then please let me know, we do have a small dog Max (yorkie X) no moulting and house trained so would make no mess or damage, would need 2 rooms and have a limit of 625.00 a month. I don't really have any friends here as i had my son at 25 and my then friends were still out partying so we lost contact so this is really a new start for me i am 30 and want to enjoy life and be happy but here i am not. Sorry to go on and if you have any info or advice i would be very thankful,
Thank you for reading my post smile

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