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Moving to Manchester- but I have no idea where to live, please help!

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Murraymaker Mon 17-Mar-14 12:09:51

My DH has a new job in Manchester, so we're moving from Norwich, but we have no idea where to live.

I am originally from Yorkshire and still have family up there, so we would prefer to live somewhere between Leeds and Manchester, with about an hours' commute into Manchester either by car or train.
We have a little boy currently in reception so would like to be near good primary and secondary schools.

We have checked out South Manchester/Cheshire areas which are lovely but I understand it's difficult getting a place in the schools and is an hour & half away from family.

We are starting to get disheartened with the whole searching process and would be really grateful for any suggestions or words of wisdom!

Many thanks in advance!

grants1000 Mon 17-Mar-14 21:45:53

I live in Knutsford so I can offer you info form here, moved her from London 9 years ago, love it. PM any questions, also post this on the Mumsnet Cheshire talk pages.

andersonsophie89 Tue 29-Apr-14 22:28:02

live somewhere between Leeds and Manchester - my area "bury" sounds perfect. As its near enough to the Manchester, we have the tram system to Manchester. And it pretty green, with fields etc... If you havent already moved, you might want to come here to see if you might like it.

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