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purpleroses Thu 13-Mar-14 21:08:04

I think if you pay him CSA then they must think that she technically lives with him. Were you previously claiming child benefit yourself? I recently allowed my ex to claim it instead but I had to fill in a form to allow this, I'm surprised they just took it away from you without asking first.

If you're paying ex CSA payments then it's his job to buy uniforms. Don't buy them!

scws777 Thu 13-Mar-14 18:09:24

My ex husband was without my knowledge awarded this…we have our daughter 50/50…actually I have her 6/7 nights a year more than he does… I pay him CSA payments… He pays nothing for uniform etc…
I am not allowed to appeal HMRC decision, as its discretionary …
I am a part time working Mum, our daughter as per Court Orders goes to school local to me…DR near me, density, hairdresser etc… yet he gets the benefit. The law needs to be changed…I should be allowed to appeal ..
The ex lives in a mortgage free £500,000 house, works when he wants to for cash..drives a Merc SLK…multi hold etc…
Can anyone offer any advice?

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