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emma2009livs Thu 13-Mar-14 11:05:42

hello, im new and hoping someone can advise. i am using 10ml cheapy ovulation tests along side the clear blue fertlilty monitor. last month i had positives on the cheapy one day before i had a peak on monitor, this month however i have had two days of positives on the cheapys and nothing on the monitor. can the 10ml (extra sensitive) pick up ovulation too early? not sure whether to do the deed today or hold out and hope for a peak on monitor? hubby has low sex drive and i dont want to put pressure on him so just trying to decide whens the right time. we have a 4 year old girl and sadly we lost our second baby girl last summer, im desperate to fall again but this is the reason i cant pressure hubby, he knows how badly we want another baby and feels it all lye's on him xx

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seeminglyso Thu 13-Mar-14 22:56:12

ovulation tests never worked for me ... they were pin pointing ovulation on day 14 and when I used BBT charting it was well out I was ovulating on cycle day 18! Good Luck perhaps try BBT.

emma2009livs Fri 21-Mar-14 09:29:23

thankyou for your comment smile i took a gamble and went by the cheapies, which was good as the monitor never picked up my peak. i always find the temping a bit confusing sad fingers crossed. xxx

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gaylemcdonald Fri 21-Mar-14 22:43:16

I was using them for about 18 months (cheapies and CBFM) and out of all those months, I only ever saw them pick up a peak for me once!!! So I wouldn't bother with them as they clearly don't work for everyone (I was ovulating as I panicked at no double line so went to the doctor, and now I have a daughter with another on the way.) Chart your dates instead maybe?

Good luck!

Gayle x

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