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Trying for a baby! Headaches in early pregnancy?

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1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 08:52:18

Hi all,

We're trying for our 2nd baby and so far had 4 failed attempts ��. I'm due on tomorrow and so far no sign of AF! I do however have a headache, did anyone else have this in very early pregnancy? How long did it take others to fall pregnant with their 2nd? Our first was a surprise but now we're trying feels like it will never happen!

Thanks x

Sars123 Mon 10-Mar-14 21:36:38

I have only had 1 and I'm afraid no headaches but it did take us a while to get pregnant. Over a year. Every time I was due I was waiting for the time to pass so I could take a test. Then test would be negative. Eventually I got a promotion at work so decided maybe it was just as well and we could retry after 6 months to a year. Then 3 months later I fell pregnant. I truly believe that because I was stressing about it I was not getting pregnant. Maybe it's the same for you. I know it's hard but maybe if you just let things happen in their own time you could be positive before you know. Especially if your 1st was a surprise you won't have been stressing before. Good luck

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 22:13:26

That's so weird you say that as first month trying we were in the middle of buying our first house, and then I went back to work which because of recent changes at work I hated it and was stressing but last month I was successful in getting a job I REALLY want!! And have chilled out a bit for reasons like u said about maybe waiting cos of new job. So I'm not as worried as I have a new job to start and one beautiful daughter already. Just been in the house all
Week as my daughter is ill so just bored and over thinking things! Lol wonder if a new job will
Have the same
Affect for
Me! X

Sars123 Mon 10-Mar-14 22:16:53

Maybe. I bet as soon as you stop thinking about it it will happen. Good luck

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 22:31:04

Tbh I forgot about it all month because of the job offer etc it's only now cos AF is due tomorrow and I usually have pink discharge before hand and I've not had this that it's REALLY on my mind! I'll find out in the morning I guess! X

Sars123 Mon 10-Mar-14 22:34:38

Hope you get a positive smile

1lovemyPrincess Mon 10-Mar-14 22:37:31

Me too! I'll let you know! However I am very much looking forward to my new job so maybe holding off with the sickness and tiredness won't be a bad thing! X

1lovemyPrincess Tue 11-Mar-14 08:21:00

It's a BFN. However with my new job and my leaving party from my old job (can drink)! Plus the fact the due date would've been 2 days after my best mates wedding that I'm bridesmaid for! It's probably a blessing in disguise! I 100 % believe in fate and that baby will come when the time is right smile x

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