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Should facebook do more to protect young users from bullying

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Ruimon Sat 08-Mar-14 23:11:22

Are children able to cope with the physiological side of being bullied in public on Facebook by their peers? As we hear of further suicides and increased mental health issues in the young, should Facebook do more?

SlightlyMe Sun 09-Mar-14 17:53:36

I think if you limit facebook then children will just find an alternative site
a quick list here:
... with all the best intentions we know our children will face bullying at school, in the play ground, outside in the neighbourhood, hanging out in the shopping mall, even at work... it is a fact of life and will be a fact online no matter how much we try stop it... teaching children to identify it, how to avoid it, how to be smart is something you can do.. stop bullying? you might as well try find the cure to cancer ;)

SlightlyMe Sun 09-Mar-14 18:05:26

I think the world has changed. I also think we, that didn't grow up with our profiles being publicly viewable world wide, are not fully equipped to handle the repercussions of it. But I also don't think it is a bad thing, I think our children's children will have better teachers.
for my part, my kids are still too young (8 being the eldest) but even now I continue to point out that anything they do online will remain there... and that they should (and will) never use their real names online until they are mature enough to handle the consequences.

SpinningFates Sun 09-Mar-14 18:11:36

Would I appear out of touch if I were to suggest if you are being bullied on Facebook, just close your account? Seems like a simple solution.

mimilovell Sun 16-Mar-14 18:08:18

I think youngers should be banned from facebook full stop. Studies have shown fb makes one feel depressed. I also noticed a lot of people who uses fb have a low self esteem and arent living their life to the full.

link to the article on the report

I was totally convinced when my friend of 10 years, who has always been outgoing, makes friends easily, happy, clever, happily married told me she has been going to councillor for 6 months. What she told me was a pile of rubbish. When your down, it is easy to let some professional convince you it is something else other than what it is. She paid for 10 sessions, and the shink told her the reason for her depression was because her mum didnt love her as much as other kids mum loves them. I know my friend and and her. How horrible is that. Obviously for children they dont see when their friends parents tells them off or gives them a good smack for doing something stupid or giving their kids tough love to make them stronger or push them to do well. The shink tells her that loving parent, is a parent who shows their kid love and affection all the time. If this was the case, then 98% of chinese children would be suffering from depression. If you know any Chinese family, you would know exactly what Im on about.

The truth is she has been feeling depressed because she has been she cant seem to get pregnant. With the stress of living in London, living in a small flat, I would just consider it to be ensuite bedsit, with a kitchen for a hallway, in a Victorian house. Unable to make big saving for a mortage and watching all her friends get married and having kids, when she got married first. I was very surprised to hear this was making her depressed. She is the very head strong, organised, and pretty much a problem solver, whatever problem she faces she will make a plan to overcome that problem.

Now for the first time to find out what was wrong, I found her on fb looking at profiles of people she doesnt know. Laughing to herself, and seeing what great lives other people are having compared to hers. She even thought it was normal just to show me pics of people who she sees working in her compnay she sees walking about, and tell me which floor they work on. And then tell me what they have been doing recently. This is all before she tells me doesnt know these people personally.

Oh my God, fb should be banned. If fb can do this to someone who is usually outgoing, head strong person, then what do you think fb could do to children who hasnt found their personality yet.

mimilovell Sun 16-Mar-14 18:25:40

Also a few years ago when fb fist came out, and there was a big about going on fb. My friend kid sister who was only 6-7 years old, copied his big brother and his friend by going on fb. She started to dress like an adult rather than a kid and was so obsessed with looking good, she was acting like a teenager. (at this time we were all in our mid 20s). My mates little sister demanded a smartphone so she can be on fb all the time, seeing she was the baby of the house and everyone was grown up and had jobs, they gave it to her without thinking. She also brought make-up, wanted adult style clothing, and shocking said she wont eat chocolate because it will make her fat. Oh my God, at that time I just throught it was maybe because a lot of people who come to the house are grown up as there were no other kids inthe family. But having looked at other families who have 1 child, this is not the case. Normally these kids love to play baby, to get more sweets/ toys/ going out etc... I totally believe it is fb

Social websites harm children's brains: Chilling warning to parents from top neuroscientist

Social Media Has Good and Bad Effects on Kids: Experts

Now definately I wont let my kid go on fb. Pedophiles,are known to be on there pretending to be kids, to chat up our kids and putting ides on there. As a parent Im selected to show my kids speak to, as I dont want my kids to be currupted by weildos or undereducated idiots. On fb I will have no control. Groups Invade Facebook

Oblomov Sun 16-Mar-14 18:40:42

What are you expecting Facebook to do exactly?
They have innumerable talks about internet safety and cyber bullying, in year 5, in all the schools round here.

andersonsophie89 Tue 29-Apr-14 22:17:16

why are these kids been made to turn to the computer to get interaction. Do you really want to bring up your child who has not learn to interact with others properly?

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