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Blogging, FB, Twitter - how does it all connect?

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BoyBandMumager1 Thu 06-Mar-14 11:16:33

I've just started a blog about my life as a mum of 4 young boys. I've been advised to start an FB page to go alongside my blog - done that. And also a Twitter account. Well, I've opened a Twitter account and I'm stumped... should I just be posting titbits from the blog on the Twitter account? Or totally new stuff? Same with the FB page... at the moment, all that happens is that blog posts are automatically posted to the linked FB page - but should the FB page have more content? I suspect so...

Would appreciate advice from experienced bloggers. Thanks so much!

stefbonnet Thu 06-Mar-14 14:09:51


well done on opening a blog, this is going to be a very exciting adventure for you. I started mine less than six months ago and love it as a hobby.

To answer your questions
1) adapt your content to the audience you have on each channel. On Twitter, you may end up having more random followers than on Facebook for instance. So on Twitter you can talk about things that are not purely related to your blog and that are more about you as a person.
2) Twitter should be mostly about other content than your own. So do a mix of personal status updates about your life and tweet links to interesting articles, other bloggers'posts, retweet others etc... You can of course tweet about your latest blog post but don't use your Twitter feed just for that. The key on twitter is also to engage with people : retweeting, favouriting their tweet, answering to them etc...
3) For Facebook, I would recommend 50/50. 50% about your blog and 50% about other sources related to your topic : other Facebook pages, websites, articles, etc... You can also use it more for photos.
4) finally, you can also set up an automatic feed from your Facebook to your Twitter account

Hope this helps


BoyBandMumager1 Thu 06-Mar-14 14:41:30

That's very useful and succinct! Thank you, Stéphanie!

Dudess Wed 12-Mar-14 11:58:48

Thanks for that, both of you! I have definitely got more random followers on Twitter! Helps to understand that it's more interactive with readers.

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