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What to do with my unused baby products?

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emiloo Wed 05-Mar-14 10:00:02

Im new here so thought i would give my first post a go.
My son is now nearly 3 years of age and I'm planning on having another baby in the near future. I have kept big items like the cot and moses basket up in my loft, but passed on the highchair to a friend.
Just wondering what other people do or have done, have you kept all of your baby items or got rid and bought new for a your second child?
Im also planning on keeping the cot and eventually passing it down to my son or daughter (if i have one) so they are able to use it for their child.
Anyone else doing this? I would love to know what others intend on doing with their unused products as it seems such a waste to sell them when they still look brand new,
I may pinch your ideas smile

ThatsMyOnlyShirt Wed 05-Mar-14 10:05:28

I think pretty much all my items apart from really gendered clothing are going to be passed to my sister as she is expecting a boy in June, (my DD is 9months). I fully expect her to pass them back for my next one and vice versa.

I am keeping DD's clothes in case of a second daughter , but I have thought what to do if I were to have a boy. I might make a quilt or something out of some outfits and probably pass the rest to my local Woman's shelter.

2girls2holidays Sat 08-Mar-14 20:23:31

I kept half and got rid of half I went ott on my first daughter but felt mean that my 2nd daughter would get all hand me downs so I kept big things oct high chair pram but I bought a new pushchair new clothes baby bouncer things like that! I don't want my second daughter thinking we didn't put as much effort in x

GingerMaman Sat 08-Mar-14 20:52:26

If I planned to have more kids AND had the space, I would probably keep pretty much everything or pass it on to siblings to borrow and return back.

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