Could you take 2 minutes to undertake a parent/toddler questionnaire

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buyingstudent28 Tue 04-Mar-14 08:56:52

I am an undergraduate studying Fashion and Textile buying management at Huddersfield University.
As one of my modules we were asked to create a product which was not already on the market. Our group chose the children’s market, and more specifically toddlers and first walkers.
I would appreciate if you would take 2 minutes to undertake this survey, thanks!

1.When did child start walking properly, by themselves?

2.Who did you purchase your child’s first properly used pair of shoes from?

3.Why did you decide to purchase the shoes from here?
4.Did the shoes meet your expectations?

5.About how long was it before you had to purchase a new pair, down to your child’s feet growing?

6.On average, how often did you purchase new shoes for your child in terms of the size of the shoe?

7.Did you stick to one brand, or shop around?

8.If a product came on the market which would reduce the number of times you had to purchase new shoes for your child, would you be interested in this product? (e.g. an accessory that went inside your child’s shoe?).

Thank you for your time

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Karlii1991 Tue 04-Mar-14 11:57:39

1. He could walk confidently by around 14 months

2. I purchased his first shoes from Clarks

3. I heard a lot about Clarks how they support the growing feet properly, plus they have been around for many years

4. They did meet my full expectations I was very happy apart from the limited choice for the size he needed.

5. I think I had to purchase a new pair within a few months

6. Every few months on average

7. I stuck with Clarks until fairly recently when we opted for a Timberland style boot

8. I would probably look at the product but not really understand how it would work. Also in the early years of children learning to walk they often fall over which results in scuffing the front and sides of the shoes therefore you find yourself having to buy a new pair due to wear and tear.

JuniperTisane Tue 04-Mar-14 12:13:37

1: DS1 walked confidently at 11 months.
1: DS2 is taking wobbly steps at 14 months.

2: DS1's first shoes came from Clarks
2: DS2 hasn't yet got any shoes

3: Clarks were the only shoe shop with measuring facilities in the local town.

4: Yes they were well made and sturdy and lasted a long time.

5: DS1's feet were measured in the august and remeasured the following easter so ?8 or 9 months. He had grown half a size in that time.

6: I bought new shoes for winter and summer but he only actually changed size about once a year/18 months.

7: Not particularly. I don't have a problem with buying new shoes twice a year.

I am intrigued. What could you possibly put inside a shoe to make shoes last longer? Surely they either become too small or are wrecked through constant use in which case an insert inside would have no bearing at all.

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