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Normal or not???

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Hannahc24 Tue 25-Feb-14 14:01:41

Hi, this is a little disgusting but just looking for people with same experiences, I'm 34 and 2 and always get Braxton hicks these don't worry me yet, but over the last two weeks iv been having what looks like a small amount of mucus plug every couple of days, today was a lot more than iv had before. Iv also had a change in bowl movement and been very uncomfortable more than I have been over the past couple of days. I spoke to midwife about it last week and they admitted me to day assessment and done some tests and scan etc but everything was fine so was sent home. So not sure what to think now. It's obviously to early for him to come yet but not sure what's going on, have midwife again on Thursday. Thanks in advance xx

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