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5 weeks pregnant and bleeding

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xwelishx Mon 17-Feb-14 18:02:11

i found out i was pregnant last week LMP 8/1 so I'm about 5-6 weeks, i have started bleeding with lower abdominal cramps and passing clots with it dripping out (sorry TMI) clots are getting bigger started size of 5p not 50p i was just wondering what anyones experiences have been with miscarriage, i have spoken to Dr who said they don't scan anyone under 6 weeks at the local Early pregnancy assessment unit, how long should i expect to bleed and how would i know if i have passed everything.

Incacola Mon 17-Feb-14 18:19:13

So sorry to hear welish, have you spoken to your community midwives? Mine were great and offered some support and advice afterward too. I recently miscarried at 6+2 and bled for 6 days. On day 3 I passed a piece of 'tissue' that was about an inch long and clearly what was there of a baby (sorry if TMI but no one had told me to expect that and it freaked me out a bit so thought it might be relevant).

I have subsequently been quite open about our miscarriage and been surprised by how many people have had them. Not to say that has made it any easier to get over, I really struggled emotionally for the first 2 weeks and am still getting upset at times nearly a month later. But it has given me reassurance about how common they are in these early stages and also that we will more than likely go on to get pregnant again and everything will be fine. I hope you have some support IRL but am happy for you to pm me if you want to chatthanks

xwelishx Mon 17-Feb-14 18:30:41

sorry to hear about you recent m/c, its good to hear your supportive words and experience,
i haven't had contact with any community midwives as only had gp appt friday, i work in a hospital and have spoken to dr's there but very brief advice was given.
i haven't told anyone apart from my partner who is very supportive and is looking after me, and boss at work as came home early today due to the bleeding. i got told to take another pregnancy test by the early pregnancy assessment centre at the end of the week and to watch for heavy bleeding but declined to scan me. I'm not sure what they class as heavy as its heavier than my period but mostly passing the clots when i got to the bathroom.
i don't think i have passed any " tissue" just clots and have one sided period cramps.
thanks for any advice

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