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New Fathers Role

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Jade07Fun Mon 17-Feb-14 10:09:25

hello for my university course i want to know what peoples opinions are on what a new father should do for my presentation.

is it the fathers role to go to work and earn money or should they help out with childcare?

thank you

manaboutthehouse1967 Sat 01-Mar-14 12:54:12

Hi. may I ask why you feel from your question it "should" be one or the other ?
It seams a very old fashioned view probably more suited to what has gone before rather than what may be the norm in the future?
Perhaps it would be better to start a few questions back from your current start point and consider the needs of the family unit and the resources and support that they either need to generate internally or be supported with externally?
Then consider the impact of skills/qualifications and the employment market locally and how this can be best exploited to support the family . This will be impacted upon by the availability of family support vs costs of childcare and also the cost of basics such as accommodation and property prices. Flowing through all of this there needs to be emotional support for both parents and the flexibility to adapt to change or seasonal variations.
Maybe someone cleverer than me has come up with a model or if not perhaps you could. Good Luck!

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