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New Blog Posts 13th - 20th February

(15 Posts)
rlawrance Thu 13-Feb-14 20:13:42

I couldn't see this thread so I've made a start - hope no toes feel trodden on.

Just a little and hopefully funny account of our slightly disasterous swim trip this morning - hilarity in adversity...

AllergyMums Thu 13-Feb-14 22:42:59

Had to figure out a gluten free, vegan Valentines Day cookie - and here they are! You can find the recipe on my blog at:

yassusarah Fri 14-Feb-14 09:47:12

Wise and warm words from my 8 year old this Valentines day

rlawrance Fri 14-Feb-14 13:15:03

Mrs Misfit cringes at her rubbish winter clothing having forgotten once again to get ready for cold weather - funny illustration

rlawrance Fri 14-Feb-14 16:03:30

Inappropriate Valentine's Day card?

AhCmonSeriouslyNow Fri 14-Feb-14 17:41:22

Last year I got a bit ragey - not about Valentine's day but about producing crafts from my children for the whole thing. This year, I thought I was ahead of the game...but I wasn't really

Meerkat10 Sun 16-Feb-14 20:14:28

My week working as a phone sex strumpet.
Am I taking kids to Disneyland? Nope, I owe my 'employers' money!

AhCmonSeriouslyNow Mon 17-Feb-14 19:37:00

I blogged about snowy snowy snowy snowy snow - relatively briefly and with pictures

Nanniejo Wed 19-Feb-14 10:53:37

Hello, here's my latest post: The Beauty And Uniquenss Of A Single Red Rose smile

skintinthecity Wed 19-Feb-14 15:33:40

What to do when your Tooth Fairy is meaner than the Tooth Fairies of all their school friends? And, is it time to set some National Standards for tooth fairy rates? UK economic recovery may depend on tiny molars!

boogiebabys Wed 19-Feb-14 16:39:50

My latest blog - DIY Ideas for Mothers Day Gifts, really easy and cheap, my favourite kind, lol xx

rlawrance Wed 19-Feb-14 20:10:04

I've started reviewing children's books, particularly thise for 4 - 7 year olds...

AnnieWinehouse Thu 20-Feb-14 14:01:21

I've made a lovely warming spicy Mexican Mole.
Mexican Chicken Mole

1andonlyTwinsplustwo Thu 20-Feb-14 21:06:33 Today's post. It ISN'T a criticism of Bloggers, it's an observation of the community, if you are going to read please read in full before commenting? Thanks smile

alexheartbeauty Sat 22-Feb-14 09:56:31

The best of this weeks beauty news:

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