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from one to two......can we handle it????

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missmouseflaps Sun 09-Feb-14 13:37:04

My partner and I have a 4 year old daughter. She was unplanned - and I struggled adjusting to parenthood. My partner and I struggled financially - we moved a lot - we lacked security and I developed anxiety issues.

Four years on, we are happier, more secure, we moved to an affordable area, my dd is enjoying school. My partner has his own business - we are not totally where we want to be financially - but the future seems brighter.

I also carved a career for myself - and have developed an inner confidence I lacked before.

I feel that I want another child - my partner is supportive of this, and wants another one to.

The problem is, I am so scared of having another baby and not being able to cope. Is it the right time???

Should I wait another year or so???????

I cant stop thinking about it??????

KateBG Sun 09-Feb-14 19:33:02

I have a 4 year old and 2 year old. I knew for sure that I want a second child and I decided that it will be much easier if they have not big age difference. I think that having a small child is difficult, but it becomes easier and easier because the child does not depend physically on you.
Sooner or later you will decide to give birth to another child but I think that it would be much easier to do it now. We are not getting younger. It will also be better for your children if they are going through phases of growing up at the same time. Believe in yourself. You will manage the situation once the baby comes.

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