Help Parking ticket issues!!

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kr89 Sat 08-Feb-14 03:19:19

I am writing in connection with a parking ticket i received from UKPC. - do i have to pay private companies?
If so i would like to dispute this with them because:
Reason 1 - The parking ticket states that i should pay £60 before 14 days or it will go to £100 if not. However, there is a sign on the wall clearly stating ( with have have photographic evidence of) that there would be a £50 fine issue to anyone disobeying the rules within 14 days, and £90 if not.
I don't understand how they got this so wrong where i was only a couple of meters away from the sign. The place i was parked in was an industrial estate, and the unit i was parked in was To Let, so wasn't actual being used at the time. Plus i was parked there after 6pm, when most people are finished work. Which is regardless.
Second reason being: The ticket states that i was parked at: Plum City, Unit 12-14, Cambridge I was actually parked in Unit 9. Please tell me how i can be fined or this?!
Slightly confused motorist.
And help would be much appreicated.

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EmpressOfTheWellOfLostPlots Sat 08-Feb-14 12:37:15


I don't know about the parking ticket but you'll have a better chance of people seeing your post if you start a fresh thread in the Chat topic (Bloggers' chat is chat about blogging).

Hope that helps.

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