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need help!!

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Chanchan1 Thu 06-Feb-14 06:50:55

Hi, Im a single mum of two boys one 10 months the eldest is 2.

Soon as I fell pregnant with my eldest social services got involved as I had been involved with social services as a child myself and also because I was 17. When my eldest was born Tommy was put on a child in need plan due to ths home inviroment. That was not down to us the flat wasn't in great condition, the front door was flimsy, mould and damp on the walls, I could go on. The list was huge. Then all the problems got resolved and ss left.

Then me and their father split up due to him running off with his brothers girlfriend about a month after I found out I was pregnant again. Social services got involved again. My first social worker was great he was very understanding.

I moved out of my old flat to one up the road, only problem was it had really steep stairs and the carpets and walls were white. As im sure you would all guess that the carpets didn't stay white for very long. Which is a part of my story.

They changed my ss worker to a woman whoae about 3 years older than me and has no children! She is very rude, and I really don't like her. Within 3 months of having her shes done nothing but make me ill. Almost seems she likes to have the power to make people feel like crap. She put in for my boys to be on child protection for my mental state, my home enviroment and my eldest is apparently being emotionally neglected!!! Which anyone I know comments on how much of a happy little boy he is.

So Im now on child protection. Have been for 2 months. And in these two months I have done everything she has asked of me! Doesn't seem like it is ever goinf to he good enough. For example she came round a month ago and for no apparent reason said 'If we take the boys off you, it does not mean they will go to your'e mum'. I never stated anything about my mum. And it really knocked me for six. Why would she say this if I'm jumping through her hoops? It was uncalled for. Not only that last week she came over and I already wiped ny walls down. As had finger marks on my walls. I forgot to give my radiater a wipe over. She came in and said ' Clean that radaiter in front of me and ill watch the boys' I am sure shes not aloud to do this??? I feel so down I've only just been diagnosed with Borderline personality Disorder!! And she seems to enjoy getting me down!!!

Tommy also came back from my mums yestersay, he had what 'looks like a bruise on his eye' now I wasnt too concerned as I know Tommy isbt steady on his feet and they know that themselves. My family support worker rang my ss worker up and she rang me and said they are not aloud up my mums. I told my mum thr bruise turned out to be FELT TIP. Thet were not happy with ny mums word so she came in the time it took her to get here I had already cleaned it off. She was saying he shouldnt have felt tip. Yet it is encouraged for him to learn??? Im at my wits end. sad Can anyone suggest anything I can do??

Chanchan1 Thu 06-Feb-14 07:01:45

Also I have a huge problem with my ex partners ex, she's ringing up ss and making disgusting allegations! Not just that but she has both my childrens names tattooed on her and messaged my mum saying she will do anything in her power toget my boys taken off of me!! The worst thing is she lives five minutes up the road from me and I am petrified that she will cause agro! The ss know this and are not doing anything about it. They have stopped the boys father from seeing them for no apparent reason and they are now tryjng to stop my mum. I feel like there taking everyone away from me sad

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