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has anyone used structured home learning ? (homeschool)

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Girlfriend78 Thu 11-Oct-18 08:02:28

Thanks for your post, you have saved me a lot of money.

user1475055956 Sat 15-Oct-16 09:03:43

Bit late to this discussion but wanted to comment to save other people going through the experience I and others have had. I tried SHL for one term and was shocked by how poor the materials were. The 'personalised timetable' was a joke - just a few poorly printed sheets and the only personalised bit was your child's name printed on the first page. The books supplied were more of the 'revision at home' type that you can buy at W.H.Smith rather than books you would use for home education; perhaps worth £60 - 70 at most. I wasn't able to make any use of the books or the syllabus, and they make it extremely difficult to get your money back, even though I know several people who have gone through trading standards (apparently because they say the material is personalised - yes, by writing your child's name on one page! - this gives them a stronger position to hold on to most of your money). I don't know how they're still in business. I home-educate my youngest son and we used WES for the first three years - they are excellent and although more expensive than SHL, when you look at what you get, they're much better value. There's just no comparison quality wise, WES are much, much better. The teaching plans are very detailed, the books are the same as are used in school and the whole package (which includes materials and textbooks) has clearly been put together by someone who understands the curriculum. We're now using Interhigh for KS3 and GCSEs, who are also excellent. If you are considering SHL I'd urge you to join some of the HE facebook groups, where you will find many more people saying exactly the same as above. Don't waste your hard earned money on them.

fcknits Mon 03-Feb-14 17:31:33

No, I don't know anyone that has used them. The other similar UK company is WES.

Tbh, most people I'm aware of, that use complete curriculum packages, seem to plump for the US brands. Although, I think it would be much easier for you to go with a UK company.

The other alternative would be to source materials yourself. Obviously a lot more time-consuming but it would be a lot cheaper.

samashton1 Mon 03-Feb-14 14:06:03

loved to hear what you think of the pack. im looking to homeschool my daughter and looking to buy a yearly / monthly pack (daily lesson plans/ activities sheets/ workbooks/follows the national curriculum/etc.
pleeeeeeese reply!!! smile

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