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Toy gun play

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psychologymum Fri 17-Jan-14 16:22:15

What do you think about children playing with toy guns? See what I have to say in this BBC interview.

SuzanneUK Fri 17-Jan-14 17:05:59

Probably the most boring and pointless bit of TV I've ever seen.

I lost the will to live after about 5 minutes and was hoping someone who'd played with guns as a child, and was now roaming the streets killing people as fast as he could, would smash my front door down and shoot me.

Alas, he never arrived so perhaps there is no connection between toy guns and adult shooting?

But then again, maybe there is? And, if there is, should we be worried? In fact, shouldn't we be absolutely delighted?

I mean, with our soldiers getting killed hand over fist in Afghanistan and all the other places we've invaded for no good reason whatsoever, won't we need a never-ending supply of murderous young men to join the army and see the world and just generally shoot people?

It's a no-lose situation: if toy guns have no effect on kids, we can all relax and let them play but, if toy guns turn kids into teenage terminators, we can send them all off to war and get ourselves lots of free oil.

Have you seen the price of petrol????

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