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Another day, another issue

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anum Fri 17-Jan-14 00:04:26

Another day, another issue.. I feel that’s what is keeping me going...not...
Life just can’t be just good…or maybe I am making it overly complex.
These days my husband doesn’t like to stay with me he always wants to stay with his friends. He want to play cricket every weakened for another 5 years. Although he has told me if I want to go out anytime he will cancel it for me. I feel quite insecure about it. And due to this the weekly spending has increased a bit as well. I told him he can play continue Sunday cricket tournament for 3 months every year and rest of the year he go for the practice matches. I may asked a bit too much but I fell he is spending for nearly half the team as everybody forgets to pay somehow. He is ok with it as it’s his money and he wants to spend the way he likes and doesn’t want any lectures on finance management.
Now today is his farewell and his office folks are going out for a drink I asked him till what time you will be back earlier he told by 7.30-8 pm next day he told by 9pm(party starts at 4pm). (We both know he cannot tolerate a lot of drinks he pukes and sleeps. once we had a party at home n he and his friends had some shots and then he puked and went in bedroom n slept, that was so embarrassing for me inform of the guests. ) Anyways coming back to topic when I told him you are extending the time slowing and you come very late then and you will also not take my calls once your party starts because of music or any reason which he has in mind. We stay away from city and if I come home how will I know where he is. How is going to come home (we have public transport but at nights it’s not that safe) and also I am a scared chicken I can’t stay alone. Then we had a massive argument and he told now he will party till late as another friend partied till 1am so he also would like to do that and he will do if people are staying for the party and I am the one because of whom he cannot do that. And none of the boys tell where they are going for the party. I am quite scared are they going to any bad places. Once one of his friends who is good friends with me told they all went to place where the girls give lap dance, although my husband did not go that time. But temptation is always there and nobody can resist it. And today omg he was so excited about the party he got up very early. And also I made an arrangement to stay at another friend’s house whose husband is also going my husband to his farewell so that I don’t get scared.
My husband always tells I have trust issues with him. But the world is so bad out there I don’t know when my life will get invaded. Or maybe with my behavior I am making it worse.
When we weren’t married we used to go out for dates and have drinks and we had a good time. Yesterday he told me now as I am not his girlfriend any more so doesn’t enjoy with me anymore things have changed now as I am his wife. He enjoys more with his friends. I feel so bad. It’s heart-breaking I always want him but he never does. He always feels that I am the road block in his life and I am stopping him from doing things, which is true till an extent but sometimes even I want to spend quality time with him, which I get after a massive argument and that that I don’t enjoy as it’s an obligation it always seems.

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