Am I wrong or right or over thinking??

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anum Thu 16-Jan-14 04:32:52

I am in a weird situation and I am get struggling to get it right coz I don’t like weird situations (nobody likes). Let me give you a gist of what happened and you can help me decide and see what’s right or wrong or I am over thinking.

I made friends with my husband’s friend’s wife and we all went for couple of day trips. Things were fine. She generally hosts parties at her house so this time for a change i opted to host the new year’s party at house and few days later when we met again she opted that it would be inconvenient for other people to come to my house as it’s not quite close to city, I and my husband said ok no worries. And on the 31st I was bit unwell and was late to her party by 1 -1.30 hour and they had to call just too see whether we were coming or not. And we went had a good time. Next time my husband who plays a sport with her husband they planned a match let in the evening and her husband told u can stay at my house till the match but I declined to stay as I wanted to do some shopping. Next incidence happened I asked his wife to go to see our husbands match which was of 2 hours earlier and we both agreed to go. But later that week I found that they were playing 2 matches ND it would go for about 4-5 hours and then I declined and told my husband I won’t be coming and he told his friends that I won’t be coming and incidentally that was my birthday. After going home me texted her that I won’t be going as it may go for 4-5 hours what do you think about it. She never replied.
After that we had a festival and I texted her my best wishes she never replied.
Today I called her and she never picked.

My problem is I am wrong the whole time and if yes how should I make it right coz we all are friends and should stay like that I always want to be friends and we are small bunch of friends and I would like to go out all together as I am still new to their group and I am in fear of losing all.

I am over thinking ??and what should I do?

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SuzanneUK Thu 16-Jan-14 09:54:14

Given your version of events, it seems that you've done nothing wrong so please don't worry about that aspect of the situation.

It could, however, be that the other woman feels you're not involving yourself sufficiently in her social scene and that you're messing her about with your various changes of plan.

anum Thu 16-Jan-14 23:05:15

Thanks Suzanne for the response. I am a talk it out person. Yesterday I had a chat with another common friend and discussed this with her because I belive she is good frinds with this lady. And she came n patched and I had a chat with her and we are going for dinner together with our kids. So looks better hopefully.

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SuzanneUK Thu 16-Jan-14 23:15:42

Hooray! smile

anum Thu 16-Jan-14 23:21:53


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