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Magdalen college pre-prep entrance advice please

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Mumof3ds Mon 06-Jan-14 16:00:26

my son is writing magdalen college pre-prep entrance for year 4, in few weeks. any advice on the exam, school would be great, as we are new to the area.

many thanks

Lizziegeorge Mon 06-Jan-14 21:16:32

Be really relaxed about it. It is an amazing school, but for the right boys. Our son is in the senior school but when he sat the exam we never talked about passing or failing but told him the teachers know what type of boy will get on well there. On the day I was horrified to see how pushy some parents were. One little boy was actually sick from nerves. If you go with a positive, relaxed attitude he will automatically do as well as he can and will probably enjoy the assessment. But this is just the start and please remember you are choosing the right school for him too.

Mumof3ds Mon 03-Feb-14 13:52:36

Hi There,

I am new to UK. My son who is year 3 has offered a place (after assessments) in
1. Magdalen college school, oxford
2. Abingdon school, near oxford
3. Haberdashers asks Boys schools, watford.

I have looked at many league tables and different analysis online,most of them shows different results. My son is academic, not that interested in sports.
Like any mum I wish to send him to the best place, and it would be great if some one could guide me choose the best decision for an academically well child.

many thanks,

Mumof3ds Mon 03-Feb-14 14:13:53

Thank you Lizzie.

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