Maternity care in the US

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7to25 Sat 04-Jan-14 22:02:12

Medicine in he US is big business and nothing will change this. There is almost no effective primary care as we know it. Americans are different in their expectations and are sheep-like in their acceptance of the American Way. Coronary deaths are also worse than in the Uk. They will not believe you as they think they have the best hospitals and doctors in the world, not recognising that they have a very bad system for delivering healthcare.

Sarshep001 Sat 04-Jan-14 21:46:46

Hello guys,

My name is Sarah and I come from Europe, France. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant of a little boy, 1st pregnancy !
Before discovering an awesome birthing center (Babymoon Inn of course), I experienced quite a few negatives things around maternity care in the US. Then I decided to do some more research around it and it finally blows my mind to see how pregnant women and newborn are taking care of in the United States...
That's why I decided to write an article about what I learnt and the huge differences with the European system.
I believe in midwifery, I believe in our ability of giving birth without fear and it would be a disaster to loose natural birth !

Thank you midwives & doulas, you are just what we need.

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