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teenager x box addiction/depression

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azio9 Sat 04-Jan-14 21:35:32

Please can someone tell me how I can motivate my 14 year old son to get out of his bed and get some fresh air I am worried he is becoming depressed.

I have read all the articles about keeping him occupied and doing things but how do I do that when I can't talk to him ?. He ignores me and has his x box earphones glued to his head, he slams the door on me, I have not had a single word from him in over 7 months, his grades are slipping at school he sleeps all day and is awake all night, yes I have taken the x box away, turned off the internet and had my house ransacked and a punch in the belly for that.

He is not a bad boy he is in a place where I can't reach him. I am not going to the doctors for medication, or the school who will judge him and "earmark" him as a problem child, which he is not, he is a bright young man. I need to know how to get him out into the daylight. This has gone on for far to long. I have tried all sorts of bribes,money,cinema,new x box game (I know!) even a holiday which I cannot afford, he is not interested in anything. Please can someone tell me how you make a teenager do something that you know is good for them but they won't listen to you.

BitOfFunWithSanta Sat 04-Jan-14 21:37:33

Is he attending school regularly? I think you need to involve them via his Head Of Year and possibly a CAMHS referral.

SecretNutellaFix Sat 04-Jan-14 21:40:03

You remove the xbox and sell it, and if he raises his hand to you again in any way you have him arrested for assault.

You need to speak to the school as you have admitted that his schoolwork is suffering because of his addiction

Shakey1500 Sat 04-Jan-14 21:43:35

Agree with Secret

What you've tried so far hasn't worked has it? I know you don't want to ask for help either through GP or school but if you don't, what's going to change?

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