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Moving to Lee in SE London

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ilovesouthlondon Tue 24-Dec-13 10:49:40

I currently live in Camberwell (Brixton end) and am considering moving to Lee in South East London.

I have always lived in South West London (Battersea/Earlsfield/Brixton) and don't want to leave south london so my criteria was that the property had to be in south but needing 3 bedrooms with a budget of 250k has only left me with the option of Bromley, Croydon, Thornton Heath or Lee (I will not even think about moving to Plumstead, Woolwhich, Abbey Wood or Thamesmead).

I really like Thornton Heath (despite what people say about it) but i was too slow to act and since the New Westfields had been announced in the area the prices there have shot up yet again.

Does anyone know about Lee as an area to live in? It seems nice and quiet and I like the fact that lively Lewisham is just down the road but not too close for comfort.

What is Lee like for bringing up families or living on your own as a woman?

I know nothing about the area but so far the only thing i can see thats a problem is public transport. I was looking at the Horne Park area.

Any advice/experiences will be greatly appreciated!

Elizabeth441 Mon 06-Jan-14 10:37:10

I this these links will help you in finding more about LEE:,_London

Some people have given it less importance as compared to other surrounding areas while others have appreciated it well. Personally, I do not see any flaw in this area.

And in order to make a move with your belongings, you should also check


ilovesouthlondon Thu 09-Jan-14 20:05:12

Thank you so much for this feedback Elizabeth. Do you know anything about the Horn Park area in particular? Public transport doesn't look good as I will need to get to Lewisham station everyday. I agree with you that people seem to give Lee less importance but it seems very quiet and is surrounded by some nicer areas (blackheath, hither green). The crime rate looks pretty low too. Thanks for adding the links!

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