Alternative to iphone Notes, Evernotes, etc

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HappTeeNewYear Mon 30-Dec-13 09:04:25

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I use WunderList and Evernote. But I got a free year of Evernote Professional for having O2 so I can use it offline.

Wunderlist does not require internet of any sort so I use it for lists.

Evernote is better, I think, for actual notes.

r2d2pink Mon 30-Dec-13 09:02:12

Anyone please?

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r2d2pink Tue 24-Dec-13 05:47:28


I am reaching out to the queens of smart phones! I use the Notes app intensively, but keep on losing my notes as there is a known bug which wipes out the notes every couple of months. Recovering these is fastidious, so I switched to Evernotes, but this requires to be on 3G/online at all times. I am looking for a good Notes app which doesn't wipe my notes, is accessible whether on 3G or not, and easy to use. Any recommendations?

Many many thanks!

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