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New Blog Posts 16th Dec to 22nd Dec

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DidYouPackThePassport Fri 20-Dec-13 19:31:37

Mine's a love letter to Christmas, Canadian-style!
Christmas in another country brings a curious reminder of the diversity to be found in the universal... Christmas, You've Changed!

TottWriter Fri 20-Dec-13 14:54:50

Ah, there is a thread! My son had his carol concert this week, so I've been in looking-back-fondly mode.

Christmas Concerts Have Changed

janesarluis Fri 20-Dec-13 12:40:34

Here's mine for the week, not very festive!

Bitches, besties and the female clique

fcknits Fri 20-Dec-13 12:38:26

Where have all the 'new blog post' threads gone...? This week is nearly over!

Latest blog post: Amigurumi Tooth, a free knitting pattern.

My elder child lost her first tooth last night, so the Tooth Fairy needed some help. ;) x

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